.trust healthcare sector: how are pharma and biotech companies using strategic narratives to communicate purpose?

Published exclusively in Pharmaphorum magazine, the Lundquist .trust for the Healthcare sector examined 17 leading pharma and biotech companies across Europe and the UK.

How are companies linking strategic partnerships to purpose? Where do biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies stand when it comes to navigating new challenges such as digitisation and pressing issues such as access to medicine and care? What are companies doing to tackle Covid-19 and how are they using leadership at a time when healthcare providers are under the spotlight? Above all, what actions have emerged as key to maintaining trust in the new normal? These questions have guided us in a new analysis of the healthcare industry through our flagship .trust research programme.

.trust (read: dot trust) is our flagship research programme and seeks to assess the ability of corporate communications to support competitiveness and to inspire trust, today’s business “currency.” The Healthcare sector edition is the second in a series of industry-specific studies we’re rolling out as we look at the post-pandemic communications landscape in Europe.

.trust as a guide to the new normal

With .trust we have created a communications analysis perfectly suited to interpreting these uncertain times but also a practical tool to guide companies in navigating new communication challenges, a playbook for generating trust with stakeholders that brings together emerging trends, future strategy and digital communications. Discover more about how we can help you.

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