Since 1997, Webranking has been monitoring corporate and financial communication on the digital channels of major European listed companies, measuring the gap between stakeholders' expectations and companies' responses. In Italy, Switzerland and Austria the study is conducted by Lundquist in collaboration with Comprend.

How the Webranking research works.

Surveys are the basis of our research, because they help us understand what stakeholders want.

Every year, the protocol is updated based on responses to stakeholder surveys.

To guarantee the quality of evaluations, every website is evaluated twice by two analysts. The top-ranking websites are evaluated 3 times each.

Country results are published in all of Europe,

and in national and specialised newspapers

For more information on Webranking by Comprend visit Comprend.com

For more information on the research, to request your company highlights or to order the complete report, please contact:

Francesca Bellizzi (Italy)

Eleonora Leenders (Switzerland)

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