You can’t fake it, so neither do we.

We don't chase momentary communication trends but stay focused on a few fundamental principles.

Our job is to remain one step ahead so you don’t stumble

There are no short cuts or tricks. Just commitment, expertise and hard work. Generating trust and communicating what matters for the business means understanding what’s at stake for both company and stakeholders, building team spirit for all those involved and bringing concrete results.

The substance, the fundamentals, and an honest viewpoint. When your credibility is on the line, you need a partner you can trust in: someone who understands the business behind the numbers, demanding stakeholder expectations and how the best are navigating today’s challenges.


We combine strategic vision and strong execution

Putting audiences at the centre of what we do means we work on strategy and content across the communications ecosystem from corporate sites to LinkedIn, from corporate documents to intranets.

Business is being asked to take a stand on global issues and respond to rising expectations with concrete, meaningful action. Since 2007 we have pioneered an approach based on honest engagement with stakeholders and the need to formulate credible answers to social and environmental challenges.

We help clients identify and set their direction and transform their impact through creative solutions. Great design creates change for the better – it solves problems, connects, seduces and transforms. Through research, analysis and reporting, we craft strategies that set your direction. With design we reinvent your presence and realise your transformatrion.

We put people at the center of our work by involving the right stakeholders and co-creating with the client. We are enablers of innovation and effective communication thanks to our multidisciplinary teams offering new services, platforms and touchpoints to support the business. Through training we facilitate new mindsets and new knowledge.

Our aim is to help companies understand how Wikipedia works and affects their digital identity, but more importantly how to improve company-related content by engaging and collaborating strictly abiding by the rules, in order to improve the quality of company-related information.


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