Thanks to 14 years of experience and to our method, we are your guide to operate on Wikipedia safely and in full compliance with the rules. Our experience is based on a history of successes alongside our clients, and on an observatory (Lundquist.wikipedia) that analyses the ever-evolving free encyclopaedia’s rules pattern and monitors the articles dedicated to major companies in Italy and Europe.

How we help companies.

Our aim is to help companies understand how Wikipedia works and affects their digital identity, but more importantly how to improve company-related content by engaging and collaborating strictly abiding by the rules

Why a company should care about Wikipedia.

When a company is subject to public attention due to impactful events or crises, Wikipedia articles pageviews dedicated to that company skyrocket. That is why being aware of how to collaborate properly to the quality of ever-changing content becomes crucial.

Because of findability, Wikipedia entries are a fundamental component of a company’s online profile.

When a company is subject to public attention due to crucial events or crises, the visits to the Wikipedia entry dedicated to that company frequently skyrocket. That is when monitoring and checking the entry’s content becomes essential.

Transformation starts with a discussion.

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