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We are guided by a four-stage process

When defining each project, we are guided by a four-stage process that helps give clarity about what we’re trying to achieve. Some long-term projects span all four stages while others are just focused on one part.

What matters for us is always starting out by understanding the situation and context because it enables you to make informed decisions at the outset. Those drive strategic choices and guide practical outputs. But in the end, it’s key that the strategy goes from a roadmap in a document to shared practices throughout the organisation, part of the culture, empowering the client to continuous improvement.

1. Understand where you are

To make an informed decision about where you want to go, you need to know where you are. This is where we do all our work in measurement and discovery: not only assessments and benchmarking (usually based on our research) but also structured engagement both within companies and with stakeholders.

2. Define your strategy

We like to think of this as the job of getting everyone on board around a shared roadmap. At the core of any strategy (content strategy, sustainability strategy, social media strategy…), you have to answer the questions of what you want to achieve, agree how you’re going to get there, who’s involved and how to measure the results.

3. Make it happen

This is the time for action, improvement and implementation: following our process enables us to work side-by-side with different teams within the client and also co-ordinate agencies and other external parties (including with our own partners).

4. Make it yours

Good practice can’t be restricted to a few members of a project team but needs to be embedded across the organisation. We support clients in practical ways to enable a change of culture internally around the themes including transparency, sustainability, digital transformation and stakeholder engagement.

Discover our three areas of services:


The heart of our process, integrated content strategy allows us to bridge the gap between companies and their audiences, providing practical outcomes.



We support our clients on strategy and content, helping them serve their most demanding audiences in websites and reporting, social media and Wikipedia.



Supporting companies with innovative, stakeholder-centric approaches: strategy through engagement, innovative reporting and digital-first communications.