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The rest of our website tells you what we do and who we are. If the work we do sounds appealing to you, please send your CV.

How to join our team.

We are a group of diverse professionals and are currently looking for the following profiles to support our team. If one of these catches your interest do not hesitate to send us your application.


Your CV gives us vital facts about your educational and professional background. We use it to see if you meet our requirements for the job. Your cover letter should persuade us you are the right person and convince us to call you for an interview.

Here are some dos and don’ts for your cover letter.

  1. Make it relevant to Lundquist: don’t limit yourself to a summary of what’s in your CV or recycle a standard letter. Explain how what you’ve got to offer can help our work and areas of expertise.
  2. Think carefully about the impact of what you write: the way you organise your content should show us your ability to structure an argument and think strategically. Don’t ramble.
  3. Make your copy sizzle: we work in communications so we will scrutinise how you express yourself and take a harsh view of any mistakes (you’d be surprised how many we see).

Current job openings.

Ask yourself: Am I an impactful personality and have I got talent or potential? Am I savvy, ambitious and a great communicator? If so then you’re five steps closer to joining a definitive creative partnership. The next step is to prove it.

L’impegno che chiediamo è a tempo pieno nel nostro ufficio di Milano. La lingua principale è l’italiano, ma ci aspettiamo anche un ottimo inglese scritto e parlato. Per candidarti, invia il tuo CV e una breve lettera di presentazione (se vuoi anche qualche esempio di lavori eseguiti) a career@lundquist.it entro il giorno 05/06/2022.

Full job posting and information on how to apply

We are looking for a digital consultant with 2/3 years of experience, preferably in a consulting firm. The areas with which the ideal candidate should be familiar are: research, social media, scenario analysis and website analysis on the content level.

To apply, send your CV and cover letter.


Lundquist is offering a paid internship in its team to help conduct two internationally recognized research projects assessing online corporate communications and CSR, the annual researches .trust and Webranking and the research .future.

To apply, send your CV and cover letter.


Join us.

We are always looking for talented people and we are accepting unsolicited applications (so long as they are accompanied by a detailed CV and cover letter).

Your application will be personally reviewed by us and you will receive a reply regarding the status of your application.