The .DE&I research is a “spinoff” from our flagship .trust research developed to help companies effectively communicate their Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) strategies, allowing them to articulate an authentic DE&I narrative and engage with stakeholders in a meaningful way.

Empowering companies to communicate their Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) initiatives with authenticity and distinctiveness, .DE&I bridges the gap between commitment and effective communication, making DE&I more than just a corporate buzzword.”

An in-depth look into DE&I communication​

.DE&I builds on our flagship .trust research and aims to guide companies in finding their voice when it comes to DE&I topic while helping them enhance their overall corporate communications. The analysis encompasses the following five key aspects:

Strategy and Vision

How DE&I is integrated into an organisation’s business strategy, purpose, and overall management practices; 


What types of commitments do companies undertake and whether they are addressing dimensions other than gender diversity such as ethnicity, professional background, and disability; 

Actions and Initiatives

How companies’ DE&I commitments have been translated into concrete actions, initiatives, and policies; 

Leadership and Advocacy

Whether leadership champions DE&I topics and how it guides companies’ actions; 

Inclusive Communications

Whether companies employ an inclusive tone of voice in their corporate websites and effectively portray relevant diversity dimensions through visual content like images and videos. 

How we can help

Our research methodologies are carefully crafted for companies looking to improve their communication and build trust with stakeholders. The DE&I edition of .trust is a practical tool to help steer internal discussions concerning DE&I topics and craft, all while proactively addressing external expectations and fostering credibility among stakeholders.

Conducting cross-sectional workshops involving HR, communications, sustainability, and innovation teams to explore DE&I within the company’s strategic framework and vision, aiming to foster collaboration and crafting cohesive communication strategies.

Meeting with the board and/or executive committee to determine the strategic and business value of inclusion. The induction is structured to emphasize its direct relevance to the company’s business objectives and the potential benefits stemming from comprehensive and strategic efforts in diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Interactive sessions tailored to specific teams within the company, aimed at understanding the advantages of inclusive practices, along with guidance on facilitating meetings that enable the active participation of all team members in sharing their ideas. The workshop aims to assist the company in its transformation journey by providing a tool to identify and implement inclusive practices in daily work processes.

Transforming the corporate website and social media channels to narrate the company’s DE&I commitment using a systemic approach and strategic perspective that aligns with internal communications through the intranet and newsletters. This work seeks to construct a more interconnected, inclusive, and human-centered DE&I narrative while harnessing the potential of employees and leadership as ambassadors.

Transformation starts with a discussion

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