Lundquist Quarterly: ISSUE 2, 2021 (International Edition)

This issue, we explore the world of sustainability and ESG. The magazine is peppered with with ESG insights and interviews as well as tips on how to navigate the increasingly complex world of sustainability. As usual, Lundquist Quarterly brings together the very best experts and professionals from around the world, from Michigan to Milan.

Articles include tips on how to get the best out of non-financial reporting, the rules to avoid greenwashing, the best sustainability documentaries, and who to follow to stay up to date with news and opinions to name just a few.

So, sit back, grab a coffee, and enjoy reading our publication.

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ISSUE 2 – 2021 Lundquist Quarterly (English Edition)

1. Beyond cheap talk: an opportunity for action – by James Osborne. 

Inboxes and social media feeds have been swamped by sustainability and ESG lately. Based on over a decade of experience, here’s our five rules to survive the sustainability tsunami and get beyond the buzz words.

2. The business of sustainability: talking targets with adidas

The apparel sector is a minefield when it comes to communicating sustainability, so we sat down with Marwin Hoffmann, adidas’ Senior Director of Sustainability Strategy, to discuss how the leading brand is steering the company towards a brighter and greener future with clear targets, a bold strategy, and exceptional communication with external stakeholders.

3. ESG must bring tangible action and change: the honest view from a 20-year veteran – by Sasja Beslik Senior Executive in Sustainable Finance and Author.

Will the increase in environmental, social and governance investing really change the financial landscape? Sasja Beslik, one of the world’s leading voices when it comes to sustainable finance, shares his views.

4. Is your non-financial reporting held hostage by the auditors? – by Maria Grazia Fumagallo, Sustainability Consultant, Lundquist

As compulsory non-financial reporting appears on the horizon for Swiss companies, it’s useful to look at the experience of other countries and how the EU reporting directive has changed the dynamics around sustainability reporting. 

5. Four rules to avoid the traps of greenwashing – Marco Stampa
Senior Advisor for Sustainability, Saipem

Anyone involved in corporate reporting needs to think about the impact they will have on the reader and is acutely aware of the importance of engaging diverse stakeholders. But how to adopt a narrative approach and use storytelling content without falling into the traps of superficiality or greenwashing?

6. The Corporate Reporting Monitor 2021 – by Christian P. Hoffman, Lea Knabben, Monika Kovarova-Simecek and Thomas Scheiwiller, CCR.

This year’s Corporate Reporting Monitor sheds some light on current trends, but also some inconsistencies in how companies in Switzerland, Germany and Austria tackle new reporting challenges.

7. A Little *@#& History – by Scott Monty, Strategic Communications & Leadership Coach

What does a bag of ancient Roman grain have to do with a hashtag? Scott Monty, a recognised US expert in business communications and leadership, uncovers the history of the symbols that have become so ingrained into our daily lives, exploring whether the signs that we rely on have a greater meaning or are merely a legacy of human laziness.

 8. Don’t Even Think About It: Why Our Brains Are Wired to Ignore Climate Change – by Concetta Cardamone, Sustainability and Communication Consultant, Lundquist

Don’t Even Think About It explores why topics surrounding climate change have become so divisive in public discourse. This book is peppered with different points of view, yet Marshall successfully encapsulates what is really at stake.

9. Stand up for sustainability (by sitting down) – by Rosanna Campbell-Gray, Consultant, Lundquist

Documentaries and streaming sites are making the world of sustainability more inclusive and accessible than ever before as award-winning producers, actors and film directors are turning their attention towards the world’s most pressing issues, delivering exceptional, educational content right to your home.

10. The trust dividend for banking with purpose

Covid-19 has shaped and continues to reshape the financial services sector. Banks have had to show tremendous resilience and leadership to maintain stakeholders’ trust. Through our flagship .trust research programme, in which we examined the performance of leading institutions across Europe’s biggest economies as well as emerging players and challenger banks.

11. How to apply UX to Corporate Communications  – by Ivana Lazzarini, Transformation Manager, Lundquist

If you’re looking to take your corporate communications to the next level, you may well need to rethink your UX. Gone are the days of dull, wordy websites and elaborate events to showcase a company’s mission and values. As face-to-face interactions become rarer, creative, user-centred design has become key to engaging users and staying relevant.