2020 Changed the rules of the game: .trust Switzerland 2020 reveals how the conversation shifted

In this year’s edition of .trust for Swiss listed companies, we focused our attention on how companies changed the way they communicated and what they communicated across their various digital channels. How were they able to get through this unprecedented moment? The 2020 crisis proved to be a double-edged sword in the world of communications: on the one hand, it provided new impetus to take on a more active and communicative role, and on the other hand higher expectations from stakeholders also forced companies into fumbled attempts at innovating their communication strategy.

A unanimous communication front against the crisis

The challenges the future holds are best faced with management that puts its ego to one side and works for the community.

As the role of communication becomes more unified, social, and takes on a greater responsibility extending beyond employees and internal stakeholders, companies need to ensure that they have developed a cohesive narrative that is integrated throughout multiple platforms. Information about the business and strategic choices should be front and centre as a way to build trust while navigating these uncertain times.

Structured and strategic communications make for resilient communications

In the 2nd edition of our communications guide, model, and analysis for Swiss listed companies, we identified five key assets that drive successful communications, underpin credibility in the business and help in providing tangible examples of actions as evidence of a commitment to rewriting our new normal:

.trust as a guide to the new normal

With .trust we have created a communications analysis perfectly suited to interpreting these shifting times but also a practical tool to guide companies in navigating new communication challenges, a playbook for generating trust with stakeholders that brings together emerging trends, future strategy and digital communications.

.trust Switzerland Listed 2020