Lundquist Quarterly: ISSUE 1, 2021 (International Edition)

Who would have thought? Launching a print magazine in a digital world might have seemed foolhardy. Yet, it seems we hit a nerve.

In our fast-moving world, a broader understanding of the interconnections between themes as varied as sustainability, finance, business transformation, leadership, digital, and reporting (to name a few) is imperative. To make informed decisions or simply to keep up.

Our Magazine aspires to bring you this broader context. We want to make sure we are all tuned up and tuned in to the world of corporate communications. In this issue, we are exploring the concept of trust: how it is nurtured by the ability to communicate what matters while also unearthing the simple and persistent role that transparency has as one of the most basic drivers of trust. Insights include takeaways from Biden’s election campaign, what role AI will play in the future, and learning how energy company Terna communicates its business transformation.

So, sit back, grab a coffee, and enjoy reading our digital publication.

Or enjoy a selection of individual articles below.

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ISSUE 1 – 2021 Lundquist Quarterly (International Edition)

1. Communicating the Ecological Transition – an interview with Massimiliano Paolucci, Head of External Relations, Institutional Affairs, and Sustainability, Terna.

2.  Into the Roaring Twenties – by Calum Chace, Keynote speaker and bestselling author.

3. How do you get 81 million votes in the middle of a pandemic? – by Eric Sundstrom, Research fellow and communication strategist, LO.

4. Why does truth matter, anyway? – by Scott Monty, Strategic communications and leadership coach.

5.  Creating a more modern, visual and inclusive internal communications tool – by Raphael Wermuth, Head of Digital Communications, Barry Callebaut. 

6. The business benefits of strong website security –  by Georgina James, Content Writer, Siteimprove.

7. Multi-capital thinking is more important than ever – by Charles Tilley, CEO, International Integrated Reporting Council. 

8. The Corporate Reporting Monitor 2020 – by Christian P. Hoffman, Lea Knabben, Monika Kovarova-Simecek and Thoman Scheiwiller, CCR.

9. Sustainability’s rising role in winning trust – by James Osborne, Head of Sustainability, Lundquist.

10. The 7 facets of transparency – by Concetta Cardamone, Sustainability and Communication Consultant, Lundquist. 

11. This isn’t an article about Wikipedia’s 20th anniversary – by Daniele Righi, Content strategist and digital project manager, Lundquist.

12. Five assets for future communications – by Sara Rusconi, Content Strategist and Lundquist Partner