Lundquist is profiled by Prima Comunicazione: time for sustainable business!

While most of us were enjoying a digital detox on the beach or hiking in the Alps, Prima Comunicazione published its August edition (link in Italian) including a profile of Lundquist with a focus on our activities in sustainability.

We were not only very pleased that this must-read publication for Italian communication professionals chose to speak with us about sustainability but happy to see another sign of how the debate about sustainable business is kicking into a higher gear in Italy too.

The magazine’s journalist, Stefania Berbenni, explained the importance of focusing on the “substance” of a company’s impacts and action through a structured and transparent approach to sustainability before trying to develop a communications approach, and the need to define priorities together with internal and external stakeholders. She highlighted how we support clients through our research focused on sustainability, both .future (previously the CSR Online Awards, going back to 2008) and the more recent Blurring Boundaries, which looks specifically at European trends in non-financial reporting. Our distinctive approach can be seen in our most important sustainability projects.

“We offer a clear method: understand who you are, listen to your stakeholders and get connected with what’s really happening and only then you can start to communicate,” our CEO, Joakim Lundquist, was quoted as saying.

James Osborne, head of sustainability, pointed out how a disclosure-driven approach to sustainability and a compliance mentality are not enough to win trust of stakeholders. The COVID-19 pandemic of 2020 has “crystallised” many ongoing trends, he added, making them even more clear and visible: the responsibility of businesses towards employees and their supply chains, our collective responsibility towards the environment and the need to provide rapid, concrete answers through innovative and collaborative approaches.

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