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As sustainability evolves so too does the way it’s communicated.

Our ambition is to keep our pioneering research at the forefront and provide companies with an innovative evaluation model that helps them to understand their sustainability positioning, engagement efforts and digital communications.

That’s why after seven successful editions of the CSR Online Awards we’ve revamped our approach to give even greater focus on our key themes of materiality, integration and distinctiveness. To provide practical support, we continue to identify:

• New trends in the evolving relationship between business and society
• Expectations and habits of diverse audiences
• Successful approaches to digital communications and best practice.

An immediate sign of this fresh approach is a re-branding of our sustainability communications research, shifting from CSR Online Awards to .future (pronounced “dot-future”).

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.future report and assessments offer a practical and rigorous way of measuring your performance against the best in digital sustainability at an international level.

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Key points of .future

1,850 Insight from sustainability experts and analysis of the latest surveys on consumer and investor expectations
10+ years of experience in sustainability projects with focus on digital
7 successful editions of the CSR Online Awards
200+ European companies assessed (100 in Italy)

How will .future be different?

In many ways, .future will be a continuation of our past approach. The research remains grounded in stakeholder and user expectations thanks to the direct input of over 1,850 experts and sustainability professionals plus analysis of authoritative surveys of consumers and investors.

Our focus will remain on corporate websites and associated digital properties, including social media, with an increased attention to the integration of sustainability topics across different channels.

What changes is our evaluation protocol. Our previous model based on seven pillars has been re-organised into an assessment process that focuses on two fundamental aspects for creating trust, demonstrating sustainability leadership and engaging stakeholders:

  • Sustainability substance: content that gives diverse stakeholders essential information about a company’s sustainability commitment, goals and performance with a focus on a strategic approach that connects to the core business
  • Distinctiveness and engagement: how the company uses a diversity of content and channels to engage its audiences and project a distinctive account of its actions and impacts (we look at thinks like use of social media and blogs, stories and video as well as ease of navigation, accessibility and search).

Lundquist.future provides a unique vantage point from which to understand how sustainability is evolving in Europe.

At the end of our evaluation process, we will publish a white paper including key results for each ranking (Italy, Switzerland, Europe, etc.), trends in sustainability communication and the results of the companies included in each ranking.

For further information about .future, you can get in touch with [email protected].