Our assessment of sustainability communications in Switzerland featured in Persönlich magazine

The surge in interest in corporate sustainability is coming not just from business and finance leaders and but also from consumers and employees. Who is taking the lead in transparency and engagement on environmental, social and governance (ESG) topics in Switzerland?

We answer this question in our article in Persönlich (article in German) written by Lundquist partner and sustainability expert James Osborne. In the article we explored some of the results from our Swiss .future research series, which looks for evidence of how digital content connects to a credible sustainability strategy and distinctive storytelling.

We’re keen to see which companies allow interested stakeholders to discover what companies are doing in a concrete and transparent way, to track their plans and progress, and also to join the wider discussion about how to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals for 2030.

In Switzerland we found a situation in which a small group of companies are investing in engaging content around sustainability while there are many companies that do not even present a structured and transparent approach. The risk is that the leaders pull further ahead of these laggards and dominate the discussion about sustainable development at a time when collective action needs to involve all sectors and levels of business. We hope that some of these positive examples explored in the article should inspire other Swiss firms to up their game in the coming years to meet the sustainability challenges ahead of us.

For information about our work in sustainability, contact james.osborne@lundquist.it or @jabosborne on Twitter.