Create the “electricity encyclopaedia” on Wikipedia.

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In 2014, Terna asked us to devise a project to help the company leverage its unique expertise in order to spread and improve knowledge on electricity. In this way, Terna would also communicate its role in the national energy system.

Based on our 10-years of experience in supporting companies in engaging with the free encyclopaedia, we proposed that Terna use its expertise to improve electricity-related content on Wikipedia. It is the 5th most visited website in the world, and a fundamental resource that collects on average hundreds of millions of pageviews each month in Italy alone. We called this endeavour the “electricity encyclopaedia,” the first collaborative project of its kind in Italy to our knowledge.

Our Work

We started by bringing to the table Wikimedia Italy (the Italian chapter of the foundation which supports Wikipedia) that acknowledged the usefulness of the project.

Then we trained Terna’s representative as well as its team in how to approach Wikipedia as a company and identified the main gaps existing in target sector-related entries on Wikipedia.

This allowed us to prioritise our tasks (edits to be done within entries, images to be added, members of the Wikipedia community to involve in the process) and plan their implementation. At the same time, we helped Terna improve the Wikipedia entry dedicated to the company in a transparent manner so that it meets the encyclopaedia’s requirements.


The importance of the project for Wikipedia was acknowledged by Wikimedia Italy, the Italian chapter of the foundation that supports Wikipedia.

It was Wikimedia Italy which initially helped us to present it to the project to the community (see left – The profile of Terna’s representative was bestowed a badge saying: Andrea Valant, who is Terna’s representative, is editing entries on Wikipedia in the context of a collaboration with Terna).

Above: Account page with Andrea Valant’s brief biography and the badge indicating his collaboration in the project