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The hidden potential of inclusion.

Internal engagement and co-creation / Purpose

The context

DE&I, sustainability and welfare are becoming an increasingly central part of Company strategy. They are no longer relevant only to employer branding but are also crucial for positioning, value structure, purpose and mission.

The challenge

These topics have become a priority, and initiatives are a good starting point. Based on the above, the company assessed that there was a need to find greater value in these topics and decided to hold a workshop to involve even more colleagues who work with these themes. The objective was to highlight de&i as a distinctive element of the purpose and mission of the group.

The solution

Through a workshop that involved external communication and hr, we discussed the topics of de&i in terms of the strategic objectives of the company related to purpose and mission, talent acquisition and retention, innovation and the growing demand for reporting from investors.


The workshop, in addition to raising awareness of the main issues of inclusion among participants. Allowed everyone to understand, reflect, design and prototype their future, identifying what steps are fundamental and necessary to continue down a path of growth, foster commitment and value inclusive leadership.