Engaging users in how a company works.

Internal engagement and co-creation  /  Communications strategy  / Content creation and storytelling  /  New website


In 2018 we supported Italgas in creating a new website following the return of the company to the Stock Exchange. Three years later, in 2021, we were asked to support the company with the launch of their new website. Italgas has changed significantly over the past few years and the focus of the new website was to move away from a description of what the company does, instead presenting the activities of the entire group and their common goal. The timings for this project were tight due to a short lead time on the website launch.

Our Work

To meet the deadline for the website launch, we worked closely with Italgas’ internal digital team as well as their external digital agency. We used an agile methodology with bi-weekly meetings that addressed specific issues in different sections of the website. Through an introductory workshop, we were able to engage the internal content owner and define priorities for action whilst garnering the support needed in subsequent phases of the project. 

The main objective for this project was to help Italgas communicate how the group’s different activities are contributing to the energy transition. We focused on presenting the company’s mission, innovation projects, and key pillars of their sustainability strategy. We redesigned the content architecture and focused on consumer sections in order to speak directly to the utility company’s users. 

We also developed “Gas future”, a new section of the website that is designed to present the integral role of gas in the energy transition and therefore reaching global climate goals. We defined a new content architecture and developed or redesigned all content for the new website. Together with the web agency, we worked on the content design, developing modules that allowed us to create long pages whilst presenting content in an easy and digestible way. 


The new website was launched in just over three months with a completely new design and fresh content. As a result, Italgas’ contribution to the energy transition and the role that gas plays is clear and consistent throughout the entire website.

The new content organisation was particularly appreciated as the detailed pages allow the company to tell a complete story whilst the flexibility of the modules make content engaging and easy to read.