Intesa Sanpaolo

A step-up in narrative communications in time for the Covid-19 emergency.


Intesa Sanpaolo needed to take a clear step forward in its corporate communications and use its website both as a channel for strategic narration, conveying the essence of its mission, identity and real-world impact as well as a tool for transparent communication with comprehensive information about the group. The bank needed a partner to guide them through this process, build a narrative approach and implement content solutions.

Our Work

Our work

We helped Intesa Sanpaolo in two main phases, first supporting the company in the strategic step-up in the group’s communications and upgrade of its corporate website, including a new, narrative area and then providing ongoing support for continuous improvement and editorial implementation.

Our activities included:

Transparency assessment of website content, benchmarking and internal stakeholder interviews;

Content strategy setting out what the bank needed to communicate, why and how;

Proposals for the structure of new, editorial sections of the website;

Producing content for Sustainability, Careers and editorial sections;

Post-release, we assessed the strengths and challenges of the new website using the different approaches of our studies (Webranking, .trust and .future) and drew on the findings to further improve content;

During the Covid-19 crisis, we also provided the content necessary to meet evolving communications needs and stakeholders’ information requirements.


Result In a year when Intesa Sanpaolo, as Italy’s biggest domestic bank, was facing the need to respond to the Covid-19 emergency while at the same time undertaking a hostile takeover of a smaller rival, the company was equipped with a new communications channel and appropriate content for ever more sophisticated stakeholder requirements. Intesa was in a position to explain not only day-to-day action but convey its broader role in society and underline its critical impact on Italy’s response.