Barry Callebaut

Engage people internally on storytelling.

Internal engagement and co-creation  /  Communications strategy


We were asked to design a workshop to engage people internally to better communicate the company on digital channels. Barry Callebaut is the largest chocolate producer globally but its digital corporate channels do not actively support this position and do not communicate what sets the company apart.

Our Work


We started with a thorough assessment of its current communication assets and how it uses storytelling. Based on these findings, the workshop aimed at explaining what could be the benefit of storytelling for Barry Callebaut.

What the difference is between corporate and brand storytelling;

How you define what’s important and relevant to your audiences;

How to ensure you get your message across coherently;

What techniques to use – what works and what doesn’t;

How your storytelling can help boost your credibility;

How does Barry-Callebaut fare? What can be improved?


Result The half-day workshop brought together managers from communications, investor relations, human resources, marketing and sustainability for the first time around the topic of corporate storytelling. It was successful in making people understand why it was important to define a coherent narrative, why it made sense to invest in storytelling as well as give them practical tools to enhance digital communications. The workshop led to specific projects and guided subsequent corporate initiatives.