FS Italiane

Monitoring, assessing, improving company- related articles on Wikipedia abiding by the rules and building strong relationships with the Wikipedia community.

Communications strategy / Content creation and storytelling

For over four years now, Lundquist has been working side by side with Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane (FS Italiane) Italy’s state-owned holding company that operates in transport, infrastructure, real estate services across Italy and Europe.


FS Italiane asked Lundquist to support the company in understanding the unique rules and customs characterising the Wikipedia in order to contribute to the quality of company-related content, ethically and whilst abiding by the strict rules.

Our Work

  • Training: our first step was to help internal stakeholders understand how the free encyclopaedia works, sharing our knowledge with the digital team through ongoing training and support.  
  • Mapping: We mapped Wikipedia articles connected to FS Italiane to delineate the working area. 
  • Assessment & Action plan: we provided support in assessing flaws found within all articles dedicated to the companies that form FS Italiane’s ecosystem. Then, together, we developed an action plan including every possible (and allowed) edit that could be proposed to the community, organised by priority. We periodically revise the action plan in order to adapt it to the most recent company and encyclopaedic priorities. 
  • Implementation: we still provide continuous support in the everyday decision making when it comes to understand either how to behave when changes occur to Wikipedia target articles or how to submit new content. Then, if needed, we draft content together with FS Italiane and help the organization follow the required procedure to submit it to the community of the free encyclopaedia.
  • Community management: Finally, most importantly, we continue to support FS Italiane in building productive relationships with the community. 

*Lundquist never operates directly on Wikipedia but always supports companies closely and in real time.

Lundquist has always been present and available, guiding us  through challenges and the complex environment that is Wikipedia. Our direct contacts at Lundquist have been honest and straightforward in giving us advice throughout all situations (especially in those that are most delicate for us), proving to be far-sighted, understanding our needs, but above all showing great respect for the free encyclopaedia

      – FS Italiane