An analysis of Swiss CEOs on Wikipedia

Our latest research shows that 70% of CEOs from 57 of Switzerland’s most prominent companies do not have dedicated articles on Wikipedia (we took into account both the English and the German version of the free encyclopaedia). In our most recent .wikipedia research, we investigate the reasons why companies struggle to gain visibility on Wikipedia, what makes the free encyclopaedia so complex, and why it forms such an important part of a person and company’s digital identity.

With over nine billion monthly visitors on the English site alone, companies cannot dismiss the importance of the free encyclopaedia, which takes centre stage in search engines. Stakeholders are increasingly turning towards leaders for direction, and having up-to-date, factually correct, and relevant information has never been so important.

Wikipedia is the 11th most visited website in the world and 5th in Switzerland.

With over 14 years of experience with Wikipedia, we have a clear understanding of the challenges that companies face and the complexity of the site. Order an ad-hoc report of your company or CEO get in touch to schedule an introductory call to understand how we can help you or your company improve Wikipedia presence.

This reserach was featured by Horizont on 05/05/2022:

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