Storytelling as a tool for cohesive communication.

Internal engagement and co-creation  /  Content creation and storytelling  /  Training


GSE is currently defining new ways to communicate the Group’s identity. As part of an ongoing communications project, we were asked to explore a storytelling strategy that could help communicate with external audiences in a more disruptive and engaging way.

This project also included aligning all internal stakeholders on the methodology to be applied, the content themes, and the values and pillars of the strategy.

Our Work

Following a preliminary analysis, we organized a workshop to engage the internal resources involved in communications to discuss how, what and to who they needed to convey GSE’s stories.

Following the interactive workshop and based on the key findings that emerged, we produced a playbook with guidelines for writing and sharing stories.

The playbook was distributed to all content owners to ensure uniformity in the content and structure of the stories. In order to better guide the content owners, we produced pilot stories to use as practical examples for applying the new structure and style.

The result

The workshop was recognised by attendees as an important and fundamental tool for dialogue between different areas of communication.

It enabled participants from different areas to interact with eachother and establish a unique vision of the Group’s messages and how to communicate them.

The “superhero” exercise was very useful in getting participants to think about their strengths and weaknesses when it comes to communicating GSE’s identity and to identify ways in which they can improve.