Improving the Group homepage in order to make it an effective tool for institutional communication.

Communications strategy / New website / Graphic design


Generali asked us to rethink the homepage of the corporate website to adapt it to the group’s new communication needs, in particular the homepage needed to convey the key pillars of the 2021 group strategy and align content with the new brand design guidelines.

Our Work

Firstly, it was important to understand how users navigate the Group’s homepage. By using analytics we gathered information on which areas were attracting most attention and were able to understand the limitations of the UX. Alongside this analysis, we benchmarked other insurance and banking websites across Europe.

This was a starting point for defining – through the construction and sharing of wireframes – a completely new page layout and UX design with a focus on simplicity, practicality and coherence. Above all, the new layout highlighted the content in line with strategic Group objectives defined in the company’s Communication Plan.

Following the approval of the final wireframes by Generali, we also provided indications for the graphic concept and for all the landing pages of the institutional website.


Generali’s new homepage, which is now live, has effectively streamlined its structure and content in such a way as to make it a versatile, attractive tool that effectively conveys the Group’s key messages in line with the new design of the Group’s websites.