Strategy, reporting and internal and external communication

How we work

With our strategic approach and in-depth understanding of corporate reputation and stakeholder expectations, we are well positioned to support companies: from sustainability reporting and stakeholder engagement to strategies for engagement and communications, all supported by best-in-class content creation. Our Blurring Boundaries and .future research are an integral part of our approach.

A structured engagement process is key to setting strategic goals and around priorities that are relevant for the business and context. Internally, we work to understand each company’s impacts and unique role regarding sustainability topics, define strategies, key issues and challenges, and create shared culture. Externally, dialogue helps underpin a credible approach to sustainability, building collaboration and mutual understanding.

What we do:

  • Sustainability strategy
  • Materiality analysis
  • Engagement activities (workshops, interviews, surveys, stakeholder forums, etc.)

We support companies in setting up their reporting in line with international best practice and taking those already on the path to the next level. We make sure reports not only meet technical and regulatory requirements but also resonate with audiences: relevant, high-impact documents that can be “unbundled” to get content closer to stakeholders.

What we do:

  • Data collection & gap analysis
  • Content planning, writing, editing and translation
  • Graphic design

With our user-centred approach, we boost the effectiveness of digital communications, developing and implementing strategies for online and offline content, engagement and storytelling. Our watchwords are: relevance, distinctiveness, integration. Our motto is “digital-first” not digital only.

What we do:

  • .future Performance Report & Assessment
  • Gap analysis & actions to improve
  • Corporate website (architecture, content, etc.)
  • Storytelling and social media for sustainability
  • Content strategy for sustainability and communication plans

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