How to communicate diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I)?

How can companies effectively communicate their DE&I commitments? How can they reach potential talents through digital communication? How can they avoid falling into the trap of pink-washing?

These questions are answered in the new edition of our research focused on DE&I communication, which continues the work we started last year with “The hidden potential of inclusion”.

We analysed how the biggest Italian and Swiss companies communicate their DE&I strategies and initiatives. Specifically, we evaluated 4 communication aspects that strengthen the credibility of a company’s DE&I journey:

  • Strategy & Vision: what objectives does the company set for DE&I and how do these fit into the business strategy and purpose.
  • Targets & Actions: where the company wants to go and how it pursues its commitments in concrete ways.
  • Leadership & Advocacy: how and to what degree senior leadership take a stance on DE&I issues on digital communication channels.
  • Inclusive communications: how inclusive are the company’s language and visual communications.

The in-depth analysis focused on DE&I communication is an extension of our .trust research, published in June 2023, and takes into consideration the same companies.

The evaluations have been completed, and the results of both the Swiss and Italian editions will be released in September.

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