Digital strategy and consulting

A clear and actionable strategy is a vital element for successful communications. It’s that invisible logic that gives users the impression that what they are reading makes sense and is not the disjointed consequence of “silo” communication. Only a strategic approach will ensure digital channels are effectively exploited and not treated as an after-thought or add-on. The result is an online presence that is aligned within the wider digital and corporate strategies.



When approaching online corporate communications projects, we develop a number of different strategic analyses for our clients:


  • Digital strategy
  • Content strategy
  • Channel-specific strategy (sustainability, employer branding, etc.)
  • Social media strategy


In each instance, we set strategic, long-term priorities as well as specific goals, analyse channels, audiences and the broader communications context for the company’s operations, and finally determine key messages and tone of voice. All this puts us in a position to plan specific actions that are coherent with an overall ambition and support companies in implementation: information architecture, webtrees, storytelling proposals, content creation and social media initiatives. We also support companies in choosing and supporting their web agency throughout the website development phase.


Thanks to this strategic approach we have developed long-term relationships with many clients, assisting them in developing roadmaps to tackle their online communications challenges.