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Assessing and benchmarking sustainability communications



Use the .future methodology to assess Novartis’s corporate responsibility communications, compare its positioning to that of selected peers in Europe and the USA and propose ways to improve as part of a strategic review of the company’s approach. Get concrete help on how Novartis can communicate sustainability as a holistic topic directly aligned with the core business.

Our work

The .future research provided an ideal instrument for Novartis to achieve its objectives because the evaluation methodology takes into consideration not only the information and disclosures provided online but also how the content is presented, the overall “story” that is told and how it fits into the wider corporate communications narrative.

– We assessed the company’s website and social media accounts to identify strengths and weaknesses;

– We proposed quick-win improvements inspired by best practice solutions in different European sectors;

– Through the benchmark analysis we compared the positioning of different companies to identify winning strategies and optimal solutions, examining aspects from transparency to storytelling;

– Our analysis was presented as part of the company’s re-thinking of its approach to sustainability, ESG and access to healthcare.


Novartis overhauled the architecture of the sustainability content on its global website and created a new first-level section called “Our Impact” to act as a hub for all its communication initiatives related to social and environmental topics, including flagship issues such as access to healthcare and malaria. To enhance transparency, an ESG Performance and Reporting hub was created.