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A new perspective on the group: develop a successor document to the sustainability report



Support Mondadori in creating a new corporate document that describes not only the publisher’s business activities and financial performance but also conveys the different ways the group creates value for a range of stakeholders. A new format, based on a broader sense of corporate identity, was necessary following a decision to include non-financial disclosures in the annual report and terminate the annual sustainability report. A situation faced by many Italian companies following the introduction of mandatory reporting on non-financial topics.

Our work

  • Review interviews conducted internally with management and other documents relating to the company’s sustainability approach and business performance
  • Creation of an editorial concept and proposals for the document’s structure and content, combining both rational elements and emotional, storytelling components.
  • Alignment of the content with the company’s materiality matrix of priority sustainability topics
  • Editorial support in drafting, editing and revising content in both Italian and English
  • Collaboration with the client’s graphic agency to ensure the communications impact of the final document


Mondadori published its new “At a glance” document in April 2018, structured in two parts: a first section giving an overview of the company’s business and financial performance and a second part with 9 significant stories of the company’s social contribution, spanning topics such as education, customer engagement and community investment. Full information about the company’s sustainability performance is provided on the group’s website.