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Rethink structure and language of the sustainability report and develop a CSR framework

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We were asked to step in and take over production of the company’s 2015 sustainability report, working in English as the primary language. It was an opportunity to revamp the report’s structure, content and language and explain – above all to investors and employees – how sustainability relates to the company’s strategic objectives.

The following year we were also tasked with defining a sustainability framework by conducting a materiality analysis with internal stakeholders.

Our work


Our desire to make DiaSorin better known to stakeholders internationally was symbolised by a switch to English for drafting the report, allowing for more concise, clear and easy-to-understand texts.

We conducted a communications review of the 2014 report highlighting strengths & weaknesses and proposed guidelines for improving the language. We mapped critical issues and held interviews with key people in after-sales service, quality and R&D to ensure that DiaSorin’s distinctive traits came out in a series of “day in the life” profiles.

We structured the content and planned in detail each chapter, writing all the textual content of the report in English and supporting the company’s graphic agency.


We conducted a materiality analysis with senior executives to define the most pressing topics for the business, thus creating a more robust sustainability framework. The outcome of this exercise allowed us to define three sustainability drivers related to the evolution of the business: innovation, talent and scientific partnership.

We structured the content and data into three sections of the report, with each section representing one of the drivers. Interviews with managers informed the content of these sections.

Our work to define a sustainability framework also enabled us to support the development of a dedicated sustainability website  for DiaSorin, used to communicate sustainability projects to stakeholders who do not normally read the sustainability report.


DiaSorin published its first sustainability report in English in April 2016. It focused on illustrating how the company’s commitment to sustainability fits into its larger business strategy, with a separate chapter devoted entirely to this theme.

The 2016 report published in April 2017 went further. By developing a sustainability framework, DiaSorin illustrates its commitment to working on clear priority areas. The sustainability manifesto ensures that these priorities are far from static, but live on and are regularly updated on the website.