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Transform sustainability report into engagement campaign

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Produce the company’s new sustainability report following the Global Reporting Initiative’s G4 guidelines while focusing communications and design on making the company’s commitment relevant from a consumer and employee perspective. Integrate the report with the launch of a new company website.

The campagin was a success – resulting in a report that was engaging and dynamic, a marketing drive that hit its mark with consumers and a rejuvenation of Peroni’s credentials as a copmpany committed to long-term sustainability

Corporate & Financial Awards, jury motivation

Our work

We re-thought the report from a user point of view and turned it into an opportunity to connect the company with its stakeholders based on a shared identification with sustainability priorities. We built the content around the perspective of five stakeholders and launched a social media campaign calling on consumers to share the realisation that “my beer is just like me”.

In practice:

  • Data collection and writing of full sustainability report, in line with GRI G4 guidelines (Core)
  • New narrative focused not on the company perspective but on shared challenges/ aspirations with consumers, based on the slogan “My beer is just like me” (“La mia birra è come me”)
  • Graphic design and layout (pagination) of printed report

Content and concept support for new website, corporate and brand social media accounts and internal communications campaign

Content primed for digital

We adopted a digital-first approach to content, supported by storytelling and visual content, with progressive levels of information for more engaged stakeholders. Images and an engaging call-to-action were used as hooks to engage fans in social media; online content provided facts and stories to support the campaign; and the PDF report for those who wanted the full picture.


Peroni published its Sustainability Report in April 2016, launching at the same time a Twitter campaign with the hashtag #LaMiaBirraèComeMe (achieving 1.6 million impressions). The purpose was to change the perspective of sustainability communications shifting the focus from the company to the stakeholder and engaging the audience with a progressive approach that exploits the potential of all digital and traditional communication platforms.

At the 2016 Corporate & Financial Awards, Lundquist and Birra Peroni won the “Gold” award for Best Sustainability Campaign and were “Highly Commended” for Best Online Report. Read more about this recognition for our work on the Peroni sustainability report (picture on the right: James Osborne from Lundquist receiving the prize for the Peroni project).