Wikipedia for Companies

Wikipedia for Companies

Our Wikipedia research tracks how exhaustive Wikipedia articles about major corporations are. Based on almost a decade​ of ongoing research in the field, positive feedback and results, Lundquist developed a set of guidelines and works with companies on how to properly and safely engage on Wikipedia.

In this white paper, we present the state of play between Wikipedia and companies in Europe.  This report includes the ranking of 100 leading European companies, the top 30 in Germany and top 48 in Switzerland.


We offer the following services:

  • Access to our knowledge base including our protocol (with criteria) and best practices
  • A tailored analysis focused on ​the content  about your company, including strengths and weaknesses
  • A feasibility analysis for brand-new stand-alone article​s​
  • Training on how to engage correctly and transparently with the Wikipedia community
  • Suggestions on updates, integration​s​ , and materials.

We are candid in the advice we provide, and will suggest, if needed, to abstain from Wikipedia if certain activities do not comply with its rules.

Contact us for a tailored offer at: [email protected]