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Webranking Switzerland 2017-2018 – non-listed

The state of the art of Swiss digital corporate communications: When it comes to digital transparency, stakeholders are calling the shots

The 4th edition of the Webranking research, covered exclusively by Swiss business magazine Bilanz, reports on the current state of Swiss digital corporate communications.

The research, conducted by Lundquist in collaboration with Comprend, evaluated 40 Swiss non-listed companies.

You can read the results from the Webranking Switzerland Listed research for 2017 to see how the listed companies compare here.

Webranking 2017-2018

21st international edition
4th Swiss non-listed edition
40 companies ranked in Switzerland
800+ companies ranked globally
500+ stakeholders interviewed

When it comes to digital transparency, stakeholders are calling the shots

The relationship between businesses and stakeholders has undergone a complete transformation in recent years. Where companies traditionally dictated what information was consumed by stakeholders, it is now the stakeholders themselves that are calling the shots, influencing what information is presented to them through changes in consumer choices.

As evidenced in this year’s Webranking Swiss non-listed research, many Swiss companies have caught onto this and are now communicating more transparently per their stakeholders’ needs. In fact, we’re seeing vast improvements across the board, with 40% of the companies now managing to pass our stress test, up from 28% from last year. The majority of the companies fall between the held back category (37.5%), just meeting the bare minimum, while 22.5% fall short of the threshold, failing the stress test.

When it comes to digital transparency, stakeholders are calling the shots.

Martina Scapin, Webranking Researcher

Podium overhauled

This year, several companies launched new sites, resulting in a complete overhaul of the podium, with none of the winners from last year returning to the top three, and only Swiss Post (last year’s winner) making it into the top ten. It is therefore no longer sufficient for companies to rest on their laurels, as companies are upping their game and investment in digital is becoming more widespread.

Retail company Coop tops the podium this year, followed by commodities trading company Trafigura in second, and perfumer Firmenich in third.

Three macro trends stood out in the world of corporate digital communications in Switzerland:

Communicating clearly is the cornerstone to corporate transparency on the web. To remain competitive in an increasingly saturated digital landscape, Swiss non-listed companies need to put digital transparency at the heart of their communications strategy.

Although Switzerland is projected to be the first country to achieve full compliance with the UN Sustainable Development Goals by 2030, digital transparency on sustainability topics has yet to take root among Swiss non-listed companies. The majority of companies do not publish a sustainability report or present information on environmental and social initiatives – a missed opportunity to engage with stakeholders on issues that they deem increasingly important.

In the social and digital era, excessive “noise” and the battle to stand out is a challenge for all companies competing for attention. Online communication, in fact, can no longer ignore the rise of visual communication and the importance of user experience.

How Webranking can help you to improve

The Webranking analysis allows you to define solutions to improve your digital presence, understand digital trends, compare to peers, generate internal engagement, and identify pathways for future improvement.

For further information about the research, to receive the highlights with the score per areas and to order a tailored, interactive report, please contact:

Martina Scapin, martina.scapin@lundquist.it

Webranking Switzerland non-listed 2017-2018

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