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Webranking Switzerland 2017-2018 – listed

The state of the art of Swiss digital corporate communications: Business transformation pushes corporate digital transparency

The 14th edition of the Webranking research, covered exclusively by Swiss business magazine Bilanz, reports on the current state of Swiss digital corporate communications.

The research, conducted by Lundquist in collaboration with Comprend, evaluated 52 Swiss companies.

Webranking 2017-2018

  • 21st international edition
  • 14th Swiss edition
  • 52 companies ranked in Switzerland
  • 800+ companies ranked globally
  • 500+ stakeholders interviewed

Business transformation pushes corporate digital transparency

Since we first launched the Swiss research in 2003, we have witnessed an increasing number of Swiss companies invest in their digital corporate communications. Spurred on by an increase in greater competition, and business transformation in light of significant events, digital is no longer just any old channel for corporate communications, but is instead redefining the way in which companies engage with their stakeholders.

In the top ten best scoring and among the most improved we find companies that are communicating their business transformation. This is especially the case for Barry Callebaut, Nestlé, Givaudan, and Sika, companies that publicly describe their transformation process by communicating about strategy and innovation.

In a business context that is continuously transforming and increasingly competitive, digital transparency is a winning weapon for companies to gain confidence in stakeholders and be able to better convey how they take on the challenges of the market.

Martina Scapin, Webranking Researcher

Steady Swiss performance in a European context

Swisscom, Sika and Sonova maintain their dominance in the ranking, as they find themselves yet again on the Swiss podium. Swisscom, this year’s winner, also makes it into the top 10 of the European ranking, the first time a Swiss company has been in the top 10 in Europe in the last 5 years, while second and third place Sika and Sonova secure their spot in the European top 20.

Amongst the best improvers, we see travel retailer Dufry, having launched a new website this year, and private markets firm Partners Group.

The digitalisation and globalisation of products and services are pushing businesses to rethink their strategies, invest in burgeoning markets and new business ventures, giving way to an overall transformation of the business. As a result, companies are using their digital channels as a means of explaining their strategic evolution.

Although Switzerland is projected to be the first country to achieve full compliance with the UN Sustainable Development Goals by 2030, digital transparency on sustainability topics remains low among listed companies, with many expecting a formal report to do almost all the work rather than using the corporate website to reach stakeholders.

In the social and digital era, excessive “noise” and the battle to stand out is a challenge for all companies competing for attention. Online communication, in fact, can no longer ignore the rise of visual communication and the importance of user experience.

How Webranking can help you to improve

The Webranking analysis allows you to define solutions to improve your digital presence, understand digital trends, compare to peers, generate internal engagement, and identify pathways for future improvement.

For further information about the research, to receive the highlights with the score per areas and to order a tailored analysis, please contact: martina.scapin@lundquist.it

Webranking Switzerland 2017-2018

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Lundquist European Seminar on Digital Corporate Communications & the 16th Webranking Awards

In the end of November, the 2017 Lundquist European Seminar on Digital Corporate Communications and the 16th Webranking Awards took place, hosting more than 250 professionals from 100 companies.

The seminar was held on November 22 at the headquarters of Italian daily newspaper Corriere della Sera, where we convened to discuss how business transformation is affection corporate communications and to present this year’s findings of the Webranking research, recognising the companies that demonstrated excellence in online corporate communications. The event was sponsored by SiteImprove, Euroland IR, and Bjork.