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Webranking Austria 2017-2018: Austrian companies are ahead of the curve when it comes to European corporate transparency

Austrian companies are ahead of the curve when it comes to communicating transparently to stakeholders, reveals the latest Webranking research. Webranking provides the lens through which companies can measure how well they are responding to stakeholder needs. Here are the key results from the research:

Top communicators: Austrian listed companies

Erste Group, Vienna Insurance Group and OMV Group are the top communicators in this year’s Austrian ranking, which includes the 15 largest companies listed on Austria’s stock exchange. The Austrian average – 49.9 points out of a 100 – makes it the second top scoring country after Finland (the research includes fifteen country rankings)

Austria listed: Who passes the stress test?

  • Passed (more than 50 points)
  • Held back (between 30 and 50 points)
  • Failed (less than 30 points)
Top performers:
  1. Erste Group, 61.3 points
  2. VIG, 59.7 points
  3. OMV Group, 57.4 points

Best improvers:
  1. Verbund (+13.9 points)
  2. Erste Group (+9.9 points)
  3. Andritz (+8.9 points)

Surprising results for non-listed Austrian companies

For the first time, 11 non-listed Austrian companies were included in the research. Companies were selected based on their turnover, number of employees and brand-recognition. The research reveals  some unexpected results, with infrastructure and transport giants Asfinag and ÖBB performing better than Casinos Austria, while Red Bull was unable to transfer its notorious marketing prowess to communicate transparently with its corporate stakeholders, finishing in 10th place.

Austria non-listed: Who passes the stress test?

  • Passed (more than 50% of score)
  • Held back (between 30% and 50%)
  • Failed (less than 30%)
Top performers:
  1. Asfinag, 48 points (out of 80)
  2. ÖBB, 47.1 points
  3. Casinos Austria, 42.2 points

Webranking Europe 500: Austrian companies outshine their peers 

When it comes to corporate transparency, the five listed Austrian companies (out of the 15 Austrian companies considered) included in this year’s European ranking collectively outperform the majority of companies evaluated in the research, with their average score of 53.1 surpassing the overall European average of 45.7 points.

On average, Austrian companies see an increase in score of 5.3 points, well above the European average of 1.8 points.

The annual study evaluates the 500 largest European companies per market capitalization based on the Stoxx Europe 600 index. The results of the European study have been published in Forbes, Communicate Magazine and the Italian weekly Economia del Corriere della Sera.

Strong performance across the board….  

When broken down per section of the research, the average fulfilment of the Webranking criteria for the Austrian companies that are included in the Europe 500 sample surpasses the European average handily across the board, in all areas except for Investor Relations. In fact, the Austrian average surpasses the overall average by more than 10 percentage points, as is the case for the Homepage, The Share, Sustainability, and Careers sections.

Comparison between Austrian and total European performance in the Webranking Europe 500

  • Austria
  • Europe

…although lack of transparency in investor relations remains a weak spot  

Austrian companies, however, continue to demonstrate a lack of transparency when it comes to presenting clear and concise information in the investor relations section of their corporate website. Investors and analysts are increasingly looking beyond the annual report for useful information in understanding the investment story of a company – strategy, targets, risk management and debt feature highly in their list of expectations. A mere 27% of the 5 companies we evaluated fulfil these expectations (compared to 29% of the companies in the Europe 500 list).

For further information regarding the research and to receive your score highlights, please contact caroline.becker@lundquist.it