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.trust Healthcare Sector 2020-2021

How are the European pharma and biotech sectors addressing strategic communications?

Published by Pharmaphorum magazine, the second edition of Lundquist.trust for the Healthcare sector examined 17 pharma and biotech companies across Europe and the UK.

Consumers are accelerating progress and shifting expectations

How are companies linking strategic partnerships to purpose? Where do biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies stand when it comes to navigating new challenges such as digitisation and pressing issues such as access to medicine and care? What are companies doing to tackle Covid-19 and how are they using leadership at a time when healthcare providers are under the spotlight? Above all, what actions have emerged as key to maintaining trust in the new normal?

These questions have guided us in a new analysis of the healthcare industry through our flagship .trust research programme.

.trust (read: dot trust) is our flagship research programme and seeks to assess the ability of corporate communications to support competitiveness and to inspire trust, today’s business “currency.” The Healthcare sector edition is the second in a series of industry-specific studies we’re rolling out as we look at the post-pandemic communications landscape in Europe.

With .trust we have created a communications framework and analysis perfectly suited to interpreting these shifting times, but also a practical tool to guide companies in navigating new communication challenges, a playbook for generating trust with stakeholders that brings together emerging trends, future strategy, and digital communications.

To request a copy of the whitepaper, please contact Rosanna Campbell-Gray at rosanna.campbell-gray@lundquist.it

Creating credible communication that not only creates trust but maintains it over time requires commitment, a clear purpose, and a medium-to-long-term strategy.

– Joakim Lundquist

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To order the in-depth benchmark report and a tailored analysis, get in touch with Rosanna Campbell-Gray – rosanna.campbell-gray@lundquist.it

Key Findings: pupose-led organisations lead the way

Purpose, leadership, storytelling, innovation, and Sustainable Development Goals are being used as catch-all terms to talk about the future of a business. But what do they mean in practical terms? How can individual companies translate these elements into a unique vision that strengthens stakeholder relations and elicits greater trust? We created .trust to provide practical answers to these questions and guide companies in harnessing communications to support the business. The .trust communications framework and analysis is built on two axes that intersect to create our communication matrix:

Consumers are driving and accelerating change when it comes to healthcare, demanding better, faster, and more accessible services. The Covid-19 pandemic has further altered the dynamics for this sector and leading players are showing the importance of collaboration, partnership, and new forms of innovation to protect public health globally.

The best companies show rather than tell, giving stakeholders clear insights into how they are navigating this new scenario. Others lack strategic incorporation of key messages within their overall communications ecosystem. The company’s purpose should permeate through all aspects of digital communications, from leadership to partnerships.

The nine companies that emerge as leaders when it comes to communicating with both substance and distinctiveness are AstraZeneca, Bayer, CHR Hansen, GlaxoSmithKline, Merck, Novartis, Philips, Roche and Sanofi.