Positioning of Italian companies in .trust 2019-2020

Our .trust research awards greater merit to companies that have best been able to balance the substance of the information they present, with the narration and engagement of that information. To value this ability, we have decided to divide the ranking of company into different tiers based on their ability to balance these two aspects, avoiding therefore the pitfalls of prioritizing one at the expense of the other.

Gold, Silver and Bronze companies



We believe that to be able to achieve effective corporate communication and earning the trust of their stakeholders, companies must first communicate exhaustively and transparently about their identity and their activities.

This is why the study has only evaluated companies that have demonstrated a consistent commitment and a good level of transparency in the 2018-2019 version of Webranking (achieving at least over 50 points).

To be able to access the following edition of our .trust research, it will be possible to ask for an ad hoc evaluation of your company’s transparency.


Our .trust research series evaluates the Italian version of the corporate websites and social media channels of the companies that have been considered. We have kept our focus on two primary aspects that, after years in the field and various research projects, we consider to be fundamental in creating trust and communication company leadership: SUBSTANCE (50 points maximum) and DISTINCTIVENESS AND ENGAGEMENT (50 points maximum). Read more about how our research works

The evaluations have been conducted between September and the beginning of October.

*companies that have launched a new website after the closure of our research series.