RDM Group

A new narrative concept to focus on the circular economy.

Sustainability strategy and communications / Reporting and publications / Graphic design


Adopt a new, narrative and visual approach to the packaging company’s sustainability report as a way to pivot communications towards sustainability themes and the circular economy.

The goal was to leverage the report as a key asset for the company’s reputation as a sustainable business among employees, clients and other key stakeholders.

Our Work

Drawing on the company’s materiality process, we drew up proposals for a new approach to the sustainability report and developed a narrative and visual concept focused on the importance of circularity for the company’s business.

We supported RDM Group through all the phases of production of its sustainability report, reviewing content and producing the graphic design for the final report. We also co-ordinated the English translation of the report.

Our project management skills were essential in this phase because of the need to work remotely during the total lockdown in Italy.


The report – “Our circular approach to business” – was published with a new structure featuring a dedicated chapter on the circular economy and how the company integrates recycled and recyclable materials into its value chain.

The graphic design and careful copy-editing help to highlight the report’s key content and performance indicators.