Consorzio Prosciutto San Daniele

Developing an “excellence and sustainability model”.

Internal engagement and co-creation / Communications strategy / Sustainability strategy and communications / Reporting and publications / Graphic design


The Prosciutto di San Daniele Consortium asked us for support to design and structure their strategic approach to sustainability, and to draft their first sustainability document, over a multi-year time span.

Our Work

Thanks to a series of interviews carried out with Board members, we were able to demonstrate the centrality of sustainability in the organisation and business of the Consortium. With this in mind, we developed an integrated sustainability model by structuring various activities. We began with benchmarks of strategic approaches of similar organisations in the food and beverage industry, and also conducted internal interviews and data collection for the materiality analysis, up to the development of the Model of Excellence and Sustainability of the Consortium.

This led us to working on the document itself to present the Model: combining the technical specificity of reporting with the need to effectively tell and convey the projects developed by the Consortium in different strategic areas of sustainability. In addition to taking care of the content, we designed and created a new graphic concept to enhance both current commitments and future objectives. We also worked to support the Consortium in involving stakeholders.

The speeches delved further into the ‘Made in Italy’ supply chains through a sustainable development lens, and group work was led to stimulate the Consortium members to put these new strategic approaches into practice.


The Consortium’s Board has formally adopted the Model of Excellence and Sustainability we developed. The document can be found on the new version of the website, with the contents summarised in flyers and infographics.

Resultantly, this helps the Consortium to reach all members and stakeholders on key sustainability issues through their new strategic vision.