Consorzio Prosciutto San Daniele

The excellence and sustainability model.


Support the Consortium, which protects and promotes one of Italy’s most iconic prosciutto brands, in structuring its approach to four key sustainability topics – value chain traceability, environmental impact, nutrition and food safety, and animal welfare – and demonstrating how it works through rigorous controls and ethical practices.

Our Work

Through a series of interviews with Consortium board members and management, it became clear that sustainability could not be reduced to its approach to the four issues in question but was part of the Consortium’s organisation and approach to business.

This led us to identify the need to develop an integrated sustainability model and re-think the organisation’s mission itself.

International benchmark of consortiums in the food & beverage sector and their sustainability approaches;
Detailed interviews with Consortium members, management and officials;
Drafting an internal report gathering all qualitative and quantitative information about the Consortium’s approach;
Development of the Consortium’s Excellence and Sustainability Model;
Communications plan focused on key sustainability topics;
Production of a short document presenting the Model and the Consortium’s actions (content & graphic design);
Reorganisation of the Consortium’s website to better present its corporate profile and its sustainability commitments.


The Consortium’s board formally adopted the Excellence and Sustainability Model and the revised mission statement it contains. The document was published on a new version of the website in summer 2020. Meanwhile, the communications plan is prompting the Consortium to engage its members and stakeholders on key sustainability topics.