Narrative content and video storytelling to bring out the human dimension of its sustainability commitment. 

Sustainability strategy and communications  /  Reporting and publications  / Content creation and storytelling  /  Graphic design


Bracco was looking for a new direction for its sustainability reporting in order to stress the importance of people to its business and maintain its rigorous, voluntary approach to ESG disclosures. The requirement was to find a better process and produce not only a full report, in line with GRI Standards and its new membership of the UN Global Compact, but also a series of communication deliverables tailored to different stakeholders.

Our Work

We designed an efficient and practical process for Bracco, deciding to produce deliverables that were needed to support its stakeholder outreach, including a series of video interviews with key people involved in its most important sustainability actions. Our activities included:

  • Editing of full sustainability report in English
  • Production of a printed summary, available in both English and Italian
  • Content gathering for people stories and interviews to include in the report and summary
  • Graphic design and layout of all documents
  • Filming of videos with Bracco people covering topics of inclusion, energy management and artificial intelligence
  • A series of posts for the company’s LinkedIn account
  • Preparing content for the sustainability section of the website.


The publication of Bracco’s sustainability report was accompanied by a set of communication deliverables that allowed it to tell an engaging story and reach a range of stakeholders: a full report in English for professional stakeholders; a printed summary for distribution to institutions, clients and for use at company events; videos, LinkedIn posts and website content to reach employees and a broader audience.