Content strategy and website that shift external perceptions.

Content creation and storytelling / Communications strategy / New website


Despite global leadership in its sector, Amplifon has suffered from the “stigma” of being seen as simply selling hearing aids to old people. This prevented stakeholders perceiving the value of the company as innovative, technology-driven and young. For the launch of a new online presence, we were asked to present a content strategy to communicate all these aspects of Amplifon business, going beyond its financial performance.

Our Work

In-depth analysis of Amplifon’s vast marketing and corporate documentation and sector studies to nail down challenges and themes in the hearing market;

We met the full first line of management to better understand their view of the future of the company and its role in society; 

Through a benchmark we explored different aspects of being an innovative company;

We drew up the content strategy, approved by the CEO, that guided the structure and the content of the new corporate website; 

We supported the production of the new website by providing content architecture, content writing and project supervision.


From naming choices to the investor proposition, the new Amplifon website – which went live on time and on budget – reflected the identity of the company, presented and explained the opportunities offered by the hearing sector, beyond the stigma of a “company for old people”, telling the stories behind the business.