Lundquist Wikipedia Research

Why companies should care about Wikipedia

Wikipedia is the 5th most consulted website in the world. Here are 3 main reasons why a company should care about Wikipedia:


Wikipedia entries dedicated to companies are frequently at the top of Google search engine rankings and are always displayed at the top right corner of every first result page (Google Knowledge Panel).


Because of findability, Wikipediaentries are a fundamental component of a company’s online profile.

Crisis Management

When a company is subject to public attention due to crucial events or crises, the visits to the Wikipedia entry dedicated to that company frequently skyrocket. That is when monitoring and checking the entry’s content becomes essential.

How we can support you in approaching Wikipedia

We have developed a framework in order to help companies interact with the Wikipedia community, providing guidance on how to relate with its editors and to collaborate with them in keeping information updated, complete and more importantly neutral.

This is how the Lundquist Wikipedia research works


Based on the Lundquist Wikipedia Research protocol, we assess the current status of articles dedicated to companies, identifying missing or erroneous information, from which we deduce the specific actions that can be carried out.

A four-part protocol composed of 29 criteria is used to allocate a maximum of 25 points for each Wikipedia article.


We provide training for companies on how to engage on the free encyclopedia, draft and propose content compliant with Wikipedia standards, and manage delicate situations.


We advise companies on edits that can be suggested based on Wikipedia’s customs and rules. We then support them in prioritizing and submitting those edits to the Wikipedia community.

Relationship management

Companies can co-operate on Wikipedia but they should recognise its collaborative nature and not treat it as an extension of their corporate website.

We help companies interacting with the community with the aim of reaching consensus about what can be improved, edited or expanded.

What we offer

  • Access to our knowledge base including our protocol (with criteria) and best practices
  • A tailored analysis focused on ​content about your company, including strengths and weaknesses
  • A detailed action plan based on the analysis including activities that can be carried out, strictly complying with Wikipedia rules and customs
  • Suggestions on updates, integration​s​, and materials
  • Support throughout every stage (planning and carrying out activities suggested in the action plan) abiding by Wikipedia rules and customs
  • A feasibility analysis for brand-new stand-alone article​s​
  • Training on how to engage correctly and transparently with the Wikipedia community with the aim to make companies completely autonomous

We are candid in the advice we provide, and will suggest, if needed, to abstain from Wikipedia if certain activities do not comply with its rules.

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