How the Webranking research works

Webranking by Comprend works as a stress test, in that it measures the fundamentals of online corporate and financial communications and dialogue of the largest listed companies, based on stakeholder demands.

Here below you can find the four steps of the research.

1. Stakeholder inputs are the basis of the research

The questionnaires form the basis of our research. They help us understand what stakeholders want.

The questionnaires addressed to the capital market (analysts, investors and financial journalists) and job seekers, conducted annually, are the basis for defining the criteria and their weight.

Further to these, a questionnaire addressed to digital managers is conducted, helping to illustrate what the technological and editorial trends are.

2. Evaluation criteria updated every year

The protocol is updated every year based on what stakeholders say in our surveys.



total score

measure points

3. Selection of companies and rankings

Webranking covers the major listed companies in Europe and around the globe as well as the most important non-listed companies from Italy, Switzerland and Austria.

The European ranking takes into account the 500 largest companies included in the Euro Stoxx 600 index.

800+ companies ranked globally
110+ listed companies and
almost 80 non listed ranked in Italy
50 listed companies and
50 non listed ranked in Switzerland
15 listed companies and
10 non listed ranked in Austria

4. Country and sector results are published

After crunching the numbers, we highlight the most interesting and relevant developments of how companies communicate through their digital channels in our whitepapers. In different cuts we address a broad range of issues, from countries communications preferences to themes for sectors and industries.

Country and sector results are published in news outlets and specialised publications all over Europe.

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