Companies today face the dual challenge of transforming their business to respond to a shifting competitive context and playing a more active role in society. As expectations run ever higher, these changes demand a radical shift in communication, which must play an important role in forging trust and guaranteeing the solidity of a business, today and into the future.

Purpose, leadership, storytelling, innovation, and Sustainable Development Goals are being used as catch-all terms to talk about the future of a business. But what do they mean in practical terms? How can individual companies translate these elements into a unique vision that strengthens stakeholder relations and elicits greater trust? We created .trust to provide practical answers to these questions and guide companies in harnessing communications to support the business.



In .trust, we evaluate the ability to effectively narrate a brands or business, concentrating on the capacity of digital communication to combine the concrete “substance” of corporate transparency with an engaging story, all built around a coherent and strategic future vision. Our focus is to capture the ability of corporate communications to support competitiveness and to inspire trust, today’s business “currency.”

We have developed two evaluation models depending on whether companies are publicly listed or privately held/family owned/state owned, assessing corporate and narrative content on their main digital platform and related social media accounts.

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How do you create a credible communications strategy in the eyes of stakeholders? There needs to be a careful balance between we call “substance” (the hard information of corporate disclosure) and distinctiveness (engagement and user experience). For the .trust research, we came up with a model that does just that.

Above all, there needs to be a strategic message that makes sense of the company’s commitments and strategies, what we have termed a “line of sight” that connects different topics and themes around a purpose statement. This alone is not enough, concrete examples of initiatives, investments and the way a company works, as well as transparent communications of the results of these efforts are fundamental in substantiating a company’s narrative.

Getting this balance right is the key to achieving the status of “Narrator”, the lodestar of the .trust research. Discover the communications styles at the centre of .trust.

Thanks to .trust, you can benchmark the quality of your business communications and identity practical steps to improve, both with tactical actions and at a strategic level.

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Why the new research?

Today digital plays a fundamental role in the relationship between companies and stakeholders. That’s why we have chosen to call our research .trust (to be read “dot” trust).

The “dot” of the digital ecosystem represents a window through which stakeholders come to know, evaluate and get involved with businesses and brands.

.trust 2020 edition for listed companies


If you want to include your company, please contact: caroline.becker@lundquist.it


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With .trust we strengthen our position as a strategic partner for companies wanting to use digital communications to support the business.