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The .trust research evaluates the companies’ ability to effectively narrate their brand and business, to communicate their leadership and establish trust with their stakeholders. This year we introduce our flagship research for a selected group of listed companies in Italy and Switzerland, after having started last year with the edition of .trust that focused on the largest Italian, Swiss and Austrian state-owned and private companies. Our focus is to capture the ability of corporate communications to support’ competitiveness and to inspire trust, today’s business “currency.”


We concentrated on companies’ ability to channel clear and coherent messages through various digital channels:

LISTED COMPANIES ASSESSMENT: Find out more about how the research for listed companies works

We developed a specific methodology for the research .trust that evaluates the non-listed companies:

NON-LISTED COMPANIES ASSESSMENT: Find out more about how the non-listed research works


There can be no alternative towards effective communication between what we term substance (information) and distinctiveness (engagement and user experience). To support the business, communication must carefully balance these two aspects. For the .trust research, we came up with a model that does just that.

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Why the new research?

Today digital plays a fundamental role in the relationship between companies and stakeholders. That’s why we have chosen to call our research .trust (to be read “dot” trust).

The “dot” of the digital ecosystem represents a window through which stakeholders come to know, evaluate and get involved with businesses and brands.

.trust 2019 edition for listed companies


If you want to include your company, please contact: caroline.becker@lundquist.it


.trust 2020 non listed edition

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The .trust research helps you not only to ensure that you meet the needs of stakeholders, but also that you do so in a distinctive and engaging way.

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With .trust we strengthen our position as partner for companies that want to use digital communications as a communication instrument to support the business.