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ISSUE 1 – 2020 Lundquist Quarterly (Italian edition)

Issue 1 | 2020

For our first issue, the focus is on the impact that Covid-19 has had on businesses and how they faced the crisis from a communications perspective. But we also have an unusual take on what we can learn as communicators about winning strategies from medieval warfare and advice for parents trying to explain to a small child what they do for a living in sustainability.

Top quote from this issue:

“We have a very complex web of stakeholders that touches so much of the country. It was vital to communicate with all of them. You can’t disappear in times of crisis, no matter how difficult it is. The absolute priority in communications terms was explaining that we were solid and fully operational, doing everything possible to ensure that our people and clients were taken care of.”

– Stefano Lucchini,
Intesa Sanpaolo

ISSUE 1 - Lundquist Quarterly (Italian Edition)

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 1. Andrà tutto bene? Un “reality check” per la fiducia – by James Osborne, Head of sustainability, Lundquist.

 2. “You can’t disappear during a crisis” – Interview with Stefano Lucchini, Chief Institutional Affairs and External Communication Officer, Intesa Sanpaolo.

3. How have Italian companies communicated about the crisis? – by Elisa Leimer, Consultant, Lundquist.

4. The Crusaders: communications and medieval strategy – by Steve Tibble, Communications Strategist and Medieval Historian.

5. Corporate podcasts: the next Big Thing? – by Martina Scapin, Communications consultant, Lundquist.

6.The new profit is impact – By Adrian de Groot Ruiz, Executive Director, Impact Institute.

7. La sostenibilità è di gran moda – by Barbara Bella, Consultant, Lundquist.

8. Lo stakeholder engagement spiegato a una bimba di 5 anni – by Paolo Cominetti, Sustainability and engagement expert, Lundquist.

9. I 5 segreti per non fallire (ancora?) su Wikipedia – by Daniele Righi, Content strategist & digital project manager.

 10. Ecco i tre passi per una ESG proattiva – Maria Grazia Fumagallo, Sustainability Consultant.