Lundquist Quarterly. A new way to stay in touch.

We live in a fast-moving world and the ubiquity of digital can make the deluge of news, information and inputs feel overwhelming. Sometimes you need a simple, clear way to cut through the noise and make sure you’re getting the right insights and focusing on the right things.

Lundquist Quarterly is a limited-edition print publication packed with the best of our research and thinking as well as perspectives from senior professionals and experts in our industry.

Each edition opens with a feature topic, which we dig into with a series of contributions, followed by a “quirky” article taking an unexpected but illuminating perspective on a familiar theme. Other articles get a first airing on our blog, so head over to check out our latest updates.

Even though it’s a print publication, we will share selected articles below for you to read in PDF format.

Who better than Lundquist to come to you with a regular, easy-to-read digest of what’s happening in strategic communications, sustainability, corporate reporting and digital?

Magazine Issues

ISSUE 1 – Lundquist Quarterly

For our first issue, the focus is on the impact that Covid-19 has had on businesses and how they faced the crisis from a communications perspective…