Corporate Communications

We are specialists in corporate communications,
supporting our clients on strategy and content.

Putting audiences at the centre of what we do – the financial community, jobseekers and employees, sustainability specialists, business partners and customers – means we work on strategy and content across the corporate ecosystem from financial and sustainability reports to corporate websites, social media and Wikipedia.

Our Content strategy is at the heart of our process when a major overhaul of corporate communications is needed or a new digital presence planned. But much of our work focuses on improving existing communications in the following areas.

Understanding trends and audiences to enhance digital corporate communications

See how we support clients in Understanding trends.

  • Improving transparency through quantitative and qualitative assessmentsbenchmarkinggap analyses and action plans for improvement (drawing on .trust, .future and Webranking by Comprend)
  • Boosting communications effectiveness through usability and distinctiveness analyses with actions for improvement and strategic recommendations
  • Understanding how corporate audiences view and use your digital content through our regular research surveys as well as ad hoc perception audits, questionnaires and analysis of website analytics and social media metrics

Getting your message across with thoughtful strategies and engaging, relevant content

See how we support clients with Content and Stories.

  • Defining corporate narratives & messages: business communications and innovation, communicating financial strategy and investment story, employer branding approach, communicating corporate governance, storytelling playbooks
  • Organising content and reports: approach to corporate reporting and website content, website architecture and page-by-page content planning, strategies for online reporting
  • Copy production and editing, stories, blogs, editorial planning
  • Supporting and guiding implementation by third-party agencies (digital, graphical, video, content, etc.)

Engaging corporate audiences in the wider ecosystem of Wikipedia & social media

See how we support clients with Wikipedia and social media.

  • Wikipedia article assessments and interaction with editor community
  • Use of social media in a corporate context, including through use of social media metrics and data mining

Building capacities and changing culture

See how we support clients with Internal engagement & training

  • Executive briefings, interviews and involvement of internal teams and content owners
  • Training and workshops on storytelling techniques, engaging the Wikipedia community, social media for corporate professionals
  • For our work in stakeholder engagement and sustainability strategy, reporting and communications, see Sustainability.