Content Strategy

We apply content strategy to the corporate context
through what we call integrated content strategy.

What gets integrated in our work? In short: the internal perspective of the company on the one hand and the multiplicity of external viewpoints on the other. We do this because digital has shifted the focus from channels that are owned and controlled by the company to an ecosystem in which trust and influence have to be earned.

Success lies in managing the interaction between the internal and external dimensions because it is through an understanding of your audiences and responding to critical issues that you build trust.

Integrated content strategy: the heart of our process

Integrated content strategy provides roadmap for
implementation and pratical guidance on:

  • What’s the best way to organise our
    digital content?
  • What are the most important messages
    and themes? How to ensure consistency?
  • How can we make our storytelling
    distinctive and compelling?
  • How do we meet the needs of different
    audiences and users?
  • How do we make the right choiches
    about technology and design?
  • What role should visuals play in our
  • How do we create a common culture
    internally and enhance competences?
  • What can we do to generate meaningful
    interactions in social media?
  • How do we get users to engage with our

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