The difference we make

Up close, thoughtful and practical.
Three main ways we make a difference

Clients come to us for a host of difference reasons.  But there are a few things in common in each relationship, reasons they seek support from Lundquist that they can’t find anywhere else. We spoke to a variety of people we work with to give you three main ways we make a difference.


It’s easier to help a friend than a stranger because you know them so much better. To avoid falling back on one-size-fits-all solutions, it’s important for us to get to know the people, the context and the organisation behind the challenge at hand. Engagement for us means building mutual understanding, internal culture and collaboration.


To have a strategic approach you need a clear vision and robust ideas. Thoughtful for us means thought-provoking. Our ideas are grounded in rigorous and original research that we have invested in for years. It helps us to understand the big picture and guide companies towards innovation and best practice.


Improvement usually comes in steps, rarely from a eureka moment of sudden awareness. Whether we are providing action plans to support internal teams or writing content ourselves, our ability to open eyes to different, better ways of doing things is appreciated because it helps translate new concepts into practical implementation.

What difference can we make for you? Look at our latest projects for inspiration