Partners & Friends

Nobody works in isolation

We regularly collaborate with other organisations offering know-how and capacities that are complementary with our own. Our network keeps us connected with the latest developments in corporate communications and allows us to offer our clients a range of bespoke, high-level services in our role as strategic partner.


We have partnered with Comprend since we started out in 2002. Our main focus is the annual Webranking by Comprend, Europe’s leading survey of corporate websites and the only global ranking that is based on stakeholder demands. Lundquist represents Comprend in Austria, Italy and Switzerland.



At the core of the Siteimprove Intelligence Platform is the Digital Certainty Index™, a unique performance indicator that measures websites across quality assurance, SEO and accessibility. We’ve partnered with Siteimprove and use their performance data and website analytics to inform our work helping companies improve user experience.



Senior Lundquist team members belong to the Federation of Italian Public Relations (Ferpi). Joakim Lundquist is closely involved in Ferpi’s Oscar di Bilancio, Italy’s premier award for corporate reporting, sitting on the selection panel for the large listed company category. He is also a member of the Ferpi Digital group. Sara Rusconi is a committee member for the region of Lombardy.



Experts in digital solutions and online stakeholder engagement, Comeen explores new ways to approach sustainable development thanks to the valuation of commitments through digital channels. It publishes the website with the aim of mobilizing citizens and professionals on topics of sustainable development & CSR (250K views/month). Comeen is our partner for conducting and promoting the French edition of .future (formerly CSR Online Awards) in 2018-2019.

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STAR Group

STAR Group is one of the major global language service providers and is our exclusive translation partner. STAR Group also offers a complete suite of solutions that support the entire Product Information Lifecycle from content creation and management, to maintenance, translation, publication, printing, re-use and archive. STAR Group has 51 offices in 30 countries, employing 1,000 full-time employees.


Yvat & Klerb

An independent graphic agency in Milan, y&k has a particular flair for calligraphy, a capacity that underlines its artisanal approach to visual projects. We have collaborated with Yvat & Klerb on numerous client projects, especially on sustainability reports, as well as our own white papers.