Social Media

Our task is to help companies understand social media and their potential for corporate communications. We set goals aligned with the company’s strategy so as to maximise the return on investment in social media, ensure close integration with other channels and undertake effective measurement.


  • Strategy
    What does a successful corporate social media presence look like? Clients come to us to find answers to this question. We help them by developing strategies that maximise the potential that social channels offer and are aligned with their overall communications approach.


  • Relationships
    In the face of a rapidly evolving scenario, we are not driven by technology for its own sake: rather, we see the role of social media as bringing companies closer to their stakeholders and building durable relationships. We understand this requires a change of mind-set and organisational changes too.


  • Integration
    Thanks to our expertise in corporate communications, we provide insight into how social media apply to different needs: from the media to investor relations, from employer branding to corporate responsibility. Not forgetting the importance of corporate branding in its own right.




How we can support you in approaching social media


We support our clients in developing strategy and identifying opportunities in social media. We leverage the expertise acquired in all our research programmes, and in particular from the Social Media Awards.

  • Development of social media strategy integrated into the overall corporate communications approach
  • Analysis of sector use of social media with benchmark of competitors
  • Understand how to create engagement with your different stakeholders (with a focus by area: investor relations, CSR, recruitment, etc.)
  • Support in designing your communications by channel
  • Social Media Awards report and analysis to measure effectiveness of your social media communication and define detailed action plans for improvement
  • Implementation and social media monitoring



Why we are different


  • More than 10 years of accumulated experience on digital corporate communication with an international perspective
  • Recognized and extensive research on the actual use of social media in a corporate context
  • Profound understanding of communication challenges, with opportunities and threats for companies
  • Driven by content and user needs, we have a pragmatic and realistic approach to new technologies and social media